Episode 38 – Skinny Dipping with Dr. Keira Barr

Our guest for this episode is so incredibly talented, smart and committed to healthy, mindful living that she’ll inspire us all to strip naked and jump in a cold body of water!  Dr. Keira is in the house!  In fact, she stole the poop emoji pillow, settled in and claimed the LOA ‘stu’ as her very own pop-up clinic!  

This episode covers so much ground with lots of sexy doctor talk and lingo, plenty (too much for GG) of words that start with “V” and some uncorked assignments that will help our audience redefine what they want in their life.  She combines medicine and soul with a sexy voice, don’t you think!?

And guys!  Don’t tune out and think this episode is only for the gals.  It’s like insider trading intel with an intimate new game to suggest to your partner. Who knew that an annual (semiannual, semimonthly, monthly, twice weekly or daily) ‘know your moles’ exam could be…well, so much more! 

Dr Keira talks honesty, hormones and holistic awareness, ‘v’ words, skinnydipping and all things critical to a full, mindful and healthy life.  Our doctor is cooler than yours…but Dr Keira will inspire you to reach out to her or start a new dialogue with yours.  Either way, the LOA gals just want everyone to create a lifestyle that is healthy and full – designed by your badassness! Grab your mirror and know that clothing is optional…

Note to concerned listeners: To avoid another influx of emails – yes, yet another restraining order was issued to Holli post Episode 38. Do not worry, Dr. Keira is safe.  

LOA Uncorked Uplevel Assignment:

  • Pay attention to your skin – it is your body’s early warning system! 

Podcast Reference:

  • drkeirabarr.com 

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