Episode 31 – Is it an unja or a knee? A podversary question for thee…

This episode is full of questions!  What the hell is an unja anyway?  Where is a canine knee in relation to whatever the unja is? Is podversary a thing?  Why do the LOA gals travel with a effing amazing dancer and a girlfriend with rockstar restraint when things are uncorked and TikTok is present?  And, most importantly, who knew there was a process and a tunnel for stress, burnout, grief and loss?   

Important LOA quiz prior to listening:   

  • Do you think Holli and Jeanna have answers to these questions?  Hell YES they do!  
  • Do you think they agree on most of the answers?  Hell NO they don’t!  
  • Is that part of their charm?? Your damn right it is!  

If you answered all three questions correctly, CONGRATULATIONS!   You successfully passed the 1st annual LOA Podversary Quiz – please listen to the episode and enjoy!  

This anniversary episode is truly a perfect representation of all that the LOA Uncorked gals have created all year – a whole lotta nonsense, lots of laughs and meaningful take-a-ways (such as an extremely accurate canine anatomy lesson).  No seriously… 

Meaningful take-a-ways are: 

  • #1 Best Selling Book on Amazon – Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cyclehttps://www.amazon.com/dp/1984818325/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glc_fabc_rXf0FbRSJKSTF 
  • Your LOA Uncorked Assignment:  Be certain to identify your stressors and triggers, consider their impact in/on your body, think about what it would take to move through the process and release that stress/trauma from your body.  

WARNING: Milestone gushing and shout out to our listeners and growing community of  supporters!!  We are incredibly grateful for each of you throughout this past year.  We have had fun creating content with the intent to support you as you create practices, patterns, synergies, connections and alignment with your posse (worldly, heavenly, spiritually) so you can create your own VIP lifestyle brand with your gorgeous name on it!  That lifestyle magazine of your life highlighting your badassery, joy, love, light, beauty, grace bound in a gorgeous VIP cover!  Our Podversary wish – continue to create a badass lifestyle brand together with you in 2021 – uncork all that you want! 


Holli and Jeanna  

LOA Uncorked Extra: Holli wants everyone to also have this information to be sure Dr. Jeanna Doolittle doesn’t confuse you: how to illustrate accurate canine anatomy 

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