Episode 50 – Superheroine, Transformational Coach Lauren Featherstone from The Body Shop Gilbert

The LOA gals are so excited to share this episode with you all!  When we come across real life superheroes in life, we can’t wait to share them with the LOA community…especially when they have a superheroine alias name like Lauren Featherstone!  Seriously, it makes Princess Diana seem like a lame name for Wonder Woman, now doesn’t it?  A bit more about Lauren: 

Lauren’s mission is to help her clients, including Holli, get off of the diet roller coaster and create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that works for you! As a former dancer and swimmer, she developed a love for health and fitness at a young age. While other teens were reading Seventeen Magazine, she was consuming every inch of Self and Women’s Health. In 2012, Lauren graduated from Arizona State University with her Bachelors in Print Journalism and a plan to combine her two passions, writing for a health magazine; however, years of experimenting with many of the fad “diets” she read about led to a struggle for balance. 

After being both under and overweight, trying everything from Slimfast to Paleo, HCG and everything in between, Lauren finally found stability counting macros in 2016. She was the heaviest she’d ever been and began a journey of self-discovery for both physical and mental health. In July 2017, after losing 45 pounds herself, Lauren hired coach and co-founder of The Body Shop Gilbert, Tommy Jeffree.  

Since then she has lost an additional 45 pounds and competed in two NPC bikini competitions. Now she wants to pay it forward and help you stop the yo-yo dieting and restrictions to create a fun and balanced lifestyle.  

We know you will love the opportunity to meet and listen to Lauren’s story, her expertise, and know her path to doing what she loves and is passionate will resonate with all you LOAers out there!  She is the definition of following your passion and allowing the universe to rise up, meet you, and provide the opportunities! 

LOA Uncorked Uplevel Assignment: 

  • Give a listen to the podcast and get to know Lauren. 
  • Don’t be afraid to live your life – enjoy your life regardless of size.  Rock whatcha got, gods and goddesses!! 
  • If you have weightloss/yo-yo dieting issues be sure to reach out to Lauren at The Body Shop Gilbert for a consult! 

How to connect with Lauren: 

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