Episode 3: Just like Mick Jagger says “You Get What You Need!”

Episode 3: Just like Mick Jagger says “You Get What You Need!” 

Show Notes: Join Holli and Jeanna as they move like Jagger into manifesting magic:   

  • Recap of Episode 2 Manifest the Shit You Want 
  • Uncork the bottle of whoop ass 
  • Manifesting the Billy Joel concert line 
  • The universe has your back 
  • Your soul gets what it needs 
  • Your soul knows better 
  • Sex in Space….don’t you want to know 
  • Prepaving and manifesting 101 

Spirit knows better:

Dream stealers…Life was dealing some obstacles.  My dream house wholly insufficient and a total disaster although I cannot see it.  I show up to love and dream.  All others show up to talk me out of the house.  I cry,  I yell at my guides, I want to swap guides signs for some Virgos because we all know that Virgos get shit done.  I cry more…. I’m angry I want my new beginnings. Why would spirit have me detained and without a place to land for me and my children. Why???  Although I know that I have big things to do, this is my journey.  I resist no longer, dreams are never stolen.

The Uncorked Uplevel Assignment – get curious and look at what is showing up. What are you manifesting?   Reflect on what you have received.  Get curious on the why….tip look at your thoughts and beliefs

Resources:  Jeanette Maw, The Magic of Pray Rain Journaling

Dr. Ming Chee, the Money Alchemist. Money Blues to Blue Money, Alchemy for Creating Everlasting Wealth; The Equation of Money, Activating Wealth Consciousness Within

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