Episode 55 – Icon of Authenticity and Badassery – April Cornell

On this episode of LOA Uncorked, we welcome a real icon of authenticity and badassery – April Cornell.  Throughout this conversation we are certain it will become clear to our listeners why both Holli and Jeanna simply couldn’t forget April (the story about how we met her was divinely appointed, for sure) and knew she would be a fantastic guest to highlight for our LOA listeners – but even we had NO IDEA how profound the conversation with April would be!   

April is an intuitive tattoo artist, medium, healer and coach that combines the healing energies of Reiki and Shamanic practices into the art and transformational process of tattooing.  Her story is profound and the integration of her metaphysical gifts in her life, her work, her business, and her own personal development and growth. Be sure to get to know April more by reading her profile

We hope you enjoy and learn from this conversation as much as the LOA gals did!  Here we go…    

LOA Uncorked Uplevel Assignment: 

  • Be certain to practice the bubble up method – holding your energy for you and giving back energy that isn’t yours.  Protect yourself. …oh, and clean out that energetic backpack! 
  • As we are sending requests and asking for guidance from the universe – be sure to build into your day/rituals quiet time to ensure you are available to receive the messages back from the universe or spirit.  Be sure to answer the phone! 
  • Commune in nature – be open and listen to the energy of the Mother Earth 

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