Episode 25 – Psychic Goddess Anaijia Wilder

Join Holli and Jeanna as they welcome special guest Anaijia Wilder for the first of two episodes…too much goodness to pack into one podcast! 

  • The LOA gals get right to the guest – no hocus-pocus stories about Toto toilets, bomb squads or protein powder.  You can thank Anaijia for that.   …see, she’s powerful. 
  • Anaijia is the founder of The Love & Light Institute; a fourth generation physic and clairvoyant with 17+ professional years of experience in this lifetime! 
  • The LOA gals have had the pleasure to tune into her unspoken language of the universe on many occasions and are thrilled to share her with you all.   
  • She’s our secret, all-knowing self-awareness, self-empowerment goddess.  But, she is a secret no longer – some things are too good to keep secret! 
  • We get right to her latest venture – OILS and SOAPS!  Meant for LOAers – they are powerfully infused products and reminders for Money attraction, Protection and Love (both self and partner) attraction.   
  • The oils are gorgeous bottles with the most amazing scents and oil enhancing goodies – gold flecks, money (no $hit), petals, herbs moon phases and crystals.  You know, witchy goodness… 
  • The soaps are infused with the same oils and properties and pressed with the same key elements – but easier to wash your a$$ with while calling in divine blessings.  Now that is diva genius!   
  • Alchemy and energy work = sustained results.   
  • Need more support, add oils and/or soap and engage in that important spiritual ritual practice. 
  • …and love attraction is all about boo kinda love but, most important, that ‘this bitch is up’ kinda self-love! 
  • The LOA community is all about creating practice, discipline and rituals to create a strong connection between the universe and desired outcome – these oils and soaps are powerful additions to our practice.  You must try! 
  • Anaijia shares about her history – magical to listen to.  From a town named for her family (Wilder Town) in Mississippi to growing her spiritual platform from Washington state – she has created a budding community of likeminded, powerful lightworkers over the last 15+ years.  …and she makes growing an empire look phucking fabulous! 
  • What does Anaijia’s divine gifts, Uranus in her first house, Sagittarius moon, and a Sagittarius six planet stellium in the first and second house mean?    It means she doesn’t give a flying fuck (can you imagine, kinda like sex with an astronaut ‘eh Holli?!) 
  • Baptist + spiritual gifts = confusion and shame 
  • Alchemy is the ability to manipulate matter.  For Anaijia – her alchemy is her oils!  No musty ass jersey and rabbits’ foot for this queen! 
  • Psychedelics!  Psilocybin mushrooms? Jump dimensions, if you dare. 
  • Clairvoyant = Inner knowing via impressions. Psychics/Mediumship = Direct contact with spirits.  Good news, you’ll never be lonely in the theatre.    
  • There is also some crazy shit about DIY anatomy class – minus the class.  Yep. 
  • And the million-dollar question – can anyone develop psychic ability??  We aren’t going to spoil it – you must listen!  Hint: don’t be distracted by the noise while listening. 
  • Next episode will stack more of Anaijia’s wisdom and gifts…including a cameo from a former LOA guest!   

Uplevel Uncorked Assignment:  Get your daily ritual/grounding protocol and get clear about what you want to focus on! 


Anaijia Wilder 



  1. Kathy OBrien on October 6, 2020 at 11:23 pm

    I am Loving this!
    As I put my Love Oil on my forehead, I was gifted this via text from Anaijia ?
    I do believe in Miracles and Manefestations
    Thank you!

  2. Jenna on December 3, 2020 at 3:51 am

    Absolutely amazing!! Anaijia is such a beautiful soul!! ????

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