Episode 11 – Ass Kissing! Jeanna + Kin Euphorics -The Elixir Series – The Wrap Up

Episode 11:  Ass Kissing! Jeanna + Kin Euphorics – The Elixir Series – The Wrap Up 

Join Holli and Jeanna as they describe ass kissing and all things elixir 

  • Kin Euphorics discovered and uncovered (Jeanna kisses their ass) 
  • Holli discusses her set up date, a Badassery hell YES or a hell NO 
  • Set your 2020 intention and follow the bread crumbs 
  • Follow the bread crumbs. This is the elixir 
  • Gratitude is past tense like you have already received it and the body does not know it- you have to receive it because it has already happened 
  • Retrain your mind – expect the miracles 
  • Adopt the nightly gratitude list/gratitude celebration 

The Uncorked Uplevel Assignment – Gratitude and leaning into the bread crumbs.  In the shower and drive make that time work for you – be intentful. 

Bougs Company – https://bouqs.com 

Kin Euphorics – https://www.kineuphorics.com 

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