Episode 12 – COVID-19 & Holli’s Birthday Magic

Join Holli and Jeanna as their adventures uncover: 

  • H&J uncorked – COVID-19 & the law of attraction  
  • Should you be losing your SHIT? 
  • Or is it Exciting Cosmic Ordering? 
  • It’s working to our benefit 
  • Don’t give that SHIT energy 
  • Get information and balance with action 
  • Support the community 
  • Viva Las Vegas & don’t KILL grandma 
  • It’s all about the Holli and the Holli New Year 
  • Escapades from Holli’s birthday and magic unleashed  
  • One drink becomes a shit storm, epic and memorable 
  • Certification need to handle Holli 
  • #prettywomen wait on us please! 
  • Trading birthday cake for fries 
  • Self-improvement – are they swingers or are they not? 
  • Introverts run until they feel safe! 
  • Holli is like a work out – you dread it and wonder why the hell did I do this and forget how painful it is and then, bam! Your done.  That’s you Holli. 
  • Connection is explored as personal power 
  • Truth serum uncorked  
  • Truth uncovered and delivered to unsuspecting victim… 
  • Connection – it’s a skill.. 
  • Don’t let a degree or schooling stop you 
  • Your voice needs to be heard 
  • What is it that is uniquely you? Your unique voice? 
  • What is as easy as breathing? 
  • How can you do more of what is uniquely you? 
  • What holds you back from living more in your uniqueness? 
  • Holli struggled to find her unique perspective – being a chameleon and lost power  
  • What gives you power or takes it away? 
  • If your super power drains you; it’s not what you should focus on 
  • Uplift people when you leave a room 
  • If we all did what comes easy as breathing in the world, what a wonderful life we would have 

UpLevel Uncorked assignment – Think about your own personal gifts and how they can serve the world.  Look for things as easy as breathing – your highest gifts to this world.  Write down thoughts of what you think is authentically you – ask your BFFs to contribute.  Make sure it doesn’t deplete you but gives you energy.  Identify ways you bring it to the world.   

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  1. Sunday on March 27, 2020 at 5:25 am

    No more Marcia.
    It’s Holli,Holli,Holli.
    Got to love her.
    There is a little bit of Holli in all of us, if we had the balls

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