Episode 75 – JJ Stenhouse – Alchemy & Some Crusty Bits 

Whoa now, the LOA gals are getting their heads handed to them to put back on their bodies.  Badass guest JJ Stenhouse takes us on an adventure from the early morning cold sea swims to creating alchemy and transformation in our lives.  This episode tells us how a big hole in the middle of a village was inspiring on so many levels.  The threesome discuss connecting with nature as a foundation, stepping into fully expressing your true self (and finding it!), and how to live a more meaningful conscious life.  That’s what the LOA gals are all about 🥂! 

More about JJ Stenhouse: 

JJ Stenhouse is a radio show host, speaker and coach.  She helps clients reconnect to nature and channel their full potential.  JJ is an energy master, spiritual counselor and empowerment coach.  Her first career was in journalism, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV.  She contributed to the bestselling book Voices of the 21st Century: Caring Women Who Make A Difference which charted her own well-being journey. 

LOA Uncorked Assignment: 

  • Reconnect with nature – talk to your plants and listen to what they say.  Stand in the grass barefoot, be still, and listen. 
  • Next time you buy or receive flowers, ask the flowers where they would like to be located. 

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