Episode 9: Is there a Magic Potion to take away Pain? The Elixir Series – Part 1

Episode 9: Is there a Magic Potion to take away Pain? The Elixir Series – Part 1

Join Holli and Jeanna as they describe a magic potion to take away any pain: 

  • Call to develop an Elixir to move through pain quicker 
  • Examining pain helps find the elixir 
  • Be honest about locating your pain – “Busy”ness, pretending everything is ok 
  • What is joy – if you are asking then you are masking pain and not being honest with yourself  
  • Honest and honoring ourselves 
  • When you are honoring yourself first, everyone else benefits 
  • Giving your power away 
  • Saying yes when you really mean no 
  • Health is number 1 priority – make sure you check in with your body 
  • Make yourself the priority makes you the Elixir 
  • Fine balance between holding on and letting go – Rumi 
  • The hero’s journey 
  • The journey through chocolate addiction to being sugar free today 
  • Finding the clues to your freedom and you will find the elixir 
  • Honest, honoring and open – these opportunities arise that show you the path to freedom 
  • Make happiness a priority 
  • The healing essence is where the elixir is residing 
  • Universal posse is helping to throw us bread crumbs to give us the elixir 

The Uncorked Uplevel Assignment – In search of the elixir, follow the signs, be curious and explore.  The elixir comes in clues.  Look where you feel pain or nothing, then ask for the elixir and follow the signs. Don’t judge the breadcrumbs, they lead you to freedom.  


Kin Euphorics 

EFT tapping 

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