Episode 15 – Mirror, Mirror

Episode 15:  Mirror, Mirror  

Join Holli and Jeanna as they take questions and explore: 

  • Recap of Episode 14 – Holli’s gallbladder is fine and she does not have jaundice  
  • Holli’s pain was from stuffing the tears down, stuffing into a cesspool and not releasing tears 
  • Disney should fine LOA for their lack of knowledge of Disney characters 
  • Looking in the mirror and owning what you are putting forth 
  • Tapping the tribe of people to help you see the good and not so good in yourself 
  • Your tribe can hold the mirror up and help you find the best version of yourself 
  • Who has the anger management issues, puppet master or Bob Ross? 
  • Jeanna hands out labels like deviant, etc. 
  • Jeanna thinks Holli is Miss Muppet with the puppet master 
  • First question is “I’m sad, how do I feel better.” 
  • There are a lot of reasons to be sad 
  • We cannot judge people’s level of sadness 
  • COVID has brought global epidemic of grief 
  • How does life work without the process, structure, tradition 
  • The harder it is for you to find your new groove, it is where sadness sneaks in 
  • We all have a sadness, a loss and a morning 
  • Full spectrum of emotions that COVID brings 
  • Aligns with the emotions of Seattle to Portland 200 mile bike ride without training.  About half way, you ask why did I do this? Then, I’m not going to make it and finally something happens and you dream of the beer garden.  The emotions are fear, sadness and finally joy 
  • Was Holli’s ass broken?   
  • The range of emotions remind us of COVID – all emotions are normal. 
  • You are not on permanent pause.  Look for the beer garden, it’s right around the corner. 
  • Embrace all fears and concerns 
  • Question number two –  “I’ve been dating this guy and he seems perfect but I don’t know something feels off.  How do I know what to do?” 
  • Look for the yellow flags – they have to be there 
  • The closer you are to the story, it’s harder to see 
  • The audio has to match the visual – what he is saying has to match what he is doing.  If not this is a big yellow flag 
  • He seems perfect, could just be your projection – you may wish that he is the one 
  • Communicate how you want to be treated 
  • Why do you have that question?  Are they treating you how you want to be treated? 
  • Are you making excuses for him at any level? 
  • You want it to be better than what it really was 
  • What areas are you giving away your power? 
  • What areas are you not sticking up for yourself  
  • Are you being minimized by that person? 
  • What’s important to you?  Is he delivering it? 
  • Holli learned a great dating lesson, great opportunity to work on herself 
  • Each relationship is a reflection of healing you need to work on yourself 
  • There have to be signals if you have the question 
  • The optimists view of relationships – look for gold not for fowls 
  • In the end we need to feel worthy and those that hold court with us have to rise to the occasion 
  • COVID sadness – Stay present, don’t think of the future, do little things that make you happy now, and you’ll move through it 
  • Any yellow flags, identify them communicate it and see what happens. 

UpLevel Uncorked assignment – Feel all of your feelings and let them pass through you 

H&J Live Q&A to come.  In the meantime if you have a question email us at loauncorked@gmail.com 

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  1. Sunday on May 1, 2020 at 7:56 am

    Loved your show even laughed out loud, which is a rare thing for me lately.
    Glad you’re healthy,

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