Episode 29 – Sunday – This Powerhouse does it ALL!

Join Holli and Jeanna with their special guest – Sunday Hamilton – tea leaf reader, psychic, artist, jewelry creator, energy healer, tarot deck creator, shamanic journey and an author. 

  • COVID masks are gateways to telepathic skills  instead of watching the mouth we watch the eyes and body language.  It shifts how we meet one another. 
  • Holli is wagging and Jeanna is all of a sudden speechless – imagine that! 
  • Sunday is rich with knowledge 
  • Holli tries to go straight to crevices but Jeanna won’t let her 
  • Sunday was raised Catholic 
  • She is a visionary – creates and finds new before her time.   
  • Studied herbs and created the fabulous “Which is Brew?” tea 
  • She started to give her friends tea leaf readings and her friends would come back and validate her readings 
  • The tea is delicious – just ask Jeanna 
  • She studied stones and crystals and she started making jewelry from the metaphysical part of the stones.  Her line of jewelry is called My Goddess Stones jewelry 
  • Holli dishes some tea talking trash – Sherri gets shit everywhere but Holli never drops a drop on Sunday’s table cloth 
  • Be your authentic self 
  • Does fluoride calcify your third eye – who liked that shit anyway! 
  • Sunday believes her third eye was blocked when she was young 
  • She has a deep love for God – The prayer – bless me and make me holy.   
  • A man expanded Sunday’s creativity and spirituality 
  • Sunday always had a thirst for knowledge, intuitive knowing, channeling and psychic gifts 
  • Religion is the foundation for the love of God 
  • Metaphysics and religion are two different things 
  • Shame and guilt are the lowest vibration 
  • Sunday talks spirit guides – she calls on four of them regularly 
  • Sunday explains her readings.  Sunday grounds herself and brings the energy up from the earth and connects with her intuitive guide called Silence to see what messages may come through.  She puts her hands in front of her client to tune into their auric field.  She can see blocks or wounds.  She can work on healing these. 
  • Sunday reads the energy of the letters of your name so that the you can understand yourself more fully.  For example, Holli – “H” vibrates to an 8 number which is a money number, power, balance, infinity, being the boss, then the “o” which is about the number 6 nurturing, money, two “l”’s resonates with the letter 3 which is all about creativity, joy, socializing and creativity.  Oh boy there are two L’s for double trouble. And finally, the “i” resonates as a 9 which is the humanitarian 
  • Sunday does your life path and has artwork to represent everyone’s path for a visual 
  • Life Path 5 – hello Jeanna! It is all about freedom, movement and change – don’t be in a cubicle because it will drive you crazy.  This explains a lot GG! 
  • GG got a grasshopper in her tea cup!   
  • Holli begs for appreciation for the grasshopper mug she lovingly gave to Jeanna 
  • What is an auric field? Everyone has an etheric body four to five inches above our body.  She asks the guides to rewire the auric field.  Sunday talks about spirit guide, “I am King,” to help heal money issues 
  • Sunday is looking for physical and emotional blocks in the auric field to help heal it. 
  • If Sunday feels other people’s thoughts, she blocks this by visualizing herself in a pink bubble pink is self love and child like innocence  
  • Key COVID strategy – self love 
  • Sunday does EFT tapping – Holli and Jeanna join her!   
  • We are all ascending from the carbon based to the 5D dimension, you are in the flow and life manifests 
  • It’s easy to manifest what you need right now! 
  • If you feel off and you don’t know why Sunday pictures a tube of white light that is so bright that it makes her invisible, invincible  to any and all human negativity making her sensitive only to the divine. Then, she calls forth a blue wall of flames to reflect and refract and repel any negativity. Send the negativity  back with love and light. 
  • Discern your energy versus others energy – know thyself! 
  • Holli somehow exorcises negativity through the Immigrant Song from Led Zeppelin on full blast 
  • Being in nature helps diffuse negative energy  
  • Sunday’s shamanic journey is to uplift people – Sunday explains the process 
  • “Fuck it” the new bad ass mantra!! 
  • I surrender! 
  • Gratitude and being in the present moment that’s when all is right in the world 

Uplevel Uncorked Assignment:  Find your life path number for a future episode 


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