Episode 60 – Akashic Records Healer and Intuitive Life Coach Doinita Ward

LOA listeners!  You are in for a seriously HUGE episode…in so many ways!  As many of you know, when Holli wants to manifest something she doesn’t mess around.  AND, often receives more than she ever expected when the Big U delivers – and this was absolutely the case when Holli called upon her guides and universe to help ensure she found an Akashic Records expert.  Not only did she find one, she found another new BFF of LOA Uncorked and a beautiful example of LOA life exploration and growth.   

What are Akashic Records, you ask?  Tune into this incredible episode with Doinita Ward to find out that and so much more!  We are confident her gifts will astound you, her story will warm your heart, and she will inspire your continued evolution and growth.

More about Doinita: Born and raised in the small open-hearted European country of Moldova she felt called at a very young age to travel and see the world on yachts.  When those journeys were complete she found her way to Florida where she has continued to develop and grow her healing and spiritual counseling practice.

Her healing path began with her grandparents in Moldova who taught Doinita how to cultivate a natural healing affinity with plants and integrate the holistic side of healing into my life. The seeds were planted at a very young age and as she walked through life, all that her grandparents taught served her and served others. 

Doinita assists in releasing physical, emotional and psychological stress, and helps clear trauma from body, mind, and heart through counseling. She is a healer of many modalities including Akashic Records, working with essential oils, the wisdom of plants, crystals, deities, Tibetan, Shamanic, Reiki and pranic healing tools.

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