Episode 44 – Magic or an Edible?

Yep, just by the title of this one you know it’s gonna get interesting!  On this episode the LOA gals start the episode off admiring a fluffification of ‘the stu’, setting intentions for the episode and their pre-podcast ritual.    

Holli and Jeanna share highlights of their recent trip to Clearwater, Florida – with a very specific focus on safety first and stranger danger techniques.  That is right, remember those stranger danger assemblies in school?  It’s a bit like that but not nearly as reputable nor will this episode convey the significance of key safety tactics as: 

  • Establishing a safe word 
  • Following the SAPA safety protocol  
  • Never leave the primary location for a secondary location 
  • Don’t accept candy from a stranger  

And while the Florida adventures were BIG fun, the LOA gals left the vacation with an edible inspired mantra: It was the best time and the worst time, all at the same time!  It’s amazing how many times throughout 2020 and 2021 we could apply this same mantra, eh?   

As the LOA gals were preparing for today’s episode Holli was reflecting on how important it is for us all to be intentional, connect with your guides, create rituals and practices that support you best and help create magic throughout 2021!  It is important that the conversations with your guides and angels become an everyday dialogue and not just when you need them (unless Santa is one of your guides).  It is also important to identify morning and evening rituals to keep you centered, balanced, tuned in and dialed up to make some magic happen in your life!   

Holli also reminds us that this year is going to be a knock down drag out battle between Saturn and Uranus – be sure and listen to Episode 36 as a refresher.  This is Get Ready, Get Set, Go time, as our dear friend Kim Falconer (AK Wilder) would say! 

Key upcoming astrology dates: 

  • May 26th – was a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius – lots of feelings leading up to the solar eclipse.  Just let them flow & let go of what doesn’t work for you….. 
  • June 10th – solar eclipse in Gemini – New Moon – create a list of magic and let those dreams fly!   
  • June 21st – full moon in Capricorn  

With Jupiter in Pisces (5/23 – 7/28) it is a time for healing and compassion. It’s a time to dream and accomplish.  It’s Freedom!  …ah, yes!  We can almost smell the freedom, can you?  Well, not so fast, Jupiter retrogrades back to Aquarius until 12/28 then back to Pisces! Mercury Retrogrades (5/29 – 6/22) and asks you to review your choices as well as mess with your technology and communication. 

LOA Uncorked Uplevel Assignment: 

  • Find your daily rituals – there is no right or wrong…just what works for you! 
  • During this big astrological time consider the following questions: 
  • What structure(s) or relationship(s) do not serve you any longer? 
  • What am I ready to let go of? 
  • What is holding me back from my full badassery potential? 

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