Episode 42 – The LOA Smokin’ Hot Square A$$es Florida Bound

This solo episode with the LOA gals are focused on: 

  • An upcoming trip to Clearwater, Florida!  They are ready to soak their dirty souls in the salty, turquoise blue water! LOA flag in hand and ready to stand, plant and #reclaimFlorida on the sandy beach.  
  • Who counts sleeps?  GG does!  And there are only 4 more sleeps for the LOA gals before Florida!   
  • Holli finally confesses to GG something she has been waiting to confess for two weeks!  A life altering email she received from Cosabella revealing all of the a$$ shapes and how to appropriately pair panties to compliment the shape!   
  • A previous episode of Red Table Talk that featured Brené Brown focused on better understanding the impacts of shame and guilt.  The LOA gals have already confirmed (in Badassery Principal #7) that shame and guilt is just clown shit!  Brené shares exactly why: 
  • The difference between shame and guilt: shame is I am bad.  Guilt separates you and the action/behavior and says I did something bad.   
  •  Shame is positively correlated to depression, eating disorders, suicide, etc. 
  • Shame and guilt often results in destructive self-talk.  Poor self talk = code red in sector 4 – the worst warning ever!     
  • It can often be used as a parenting tool and, in the formative years, there is already so much pressure on children, there is so much growing happening that failures should be embraced vs criticized.   
  • Shame is a form of oppression!   
  • For us all shame often equates to feeling unlovable.  When you shame others it typically comes from a place of self loathing, fear, frustration, etc.   

GG’s Episode Highlights: 

  • In this episode, Holli states she doesn’t know everything!  She actually admitted she doesn’t.  Big day for GG!   
  • And, yes, Holli was the ONLY Snowflake on the beach in Clearwater! 

LOA Uncorked Uplevel Assignment: 

  • Be happy with your a$$!  Every a$$ looks good – see for yourself here.  Thanks Cosabella
  • Be aware of what you are feeling and saying – let’s treat ourselves as carefully as others and obliterate shame and guilt.  We need to correct this ‘code red in sector four’ language and flip it and never do it again to yourself or anyone else! 

Podcast References: 

  • For Holli’s renditions of the different a$$ shapes: https://loauncorked.com/blog/ 

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