Episode 13 – To Sniff or not to Sniff? Relationships past their Expiration Point!!

Join Holli and Jeanna as they: 

  • Start with a confession 
  • Peace out to January, thank god for February 
  • Uncorked Miami moments blog on www.loauncorked.com 
  • Miami kicks ass – art, ocean, air, and the people are incredible  
  • With only swimsuits packed, record cold low in Miami 
  • Iguana’s so cold they were falling out of trees 
  • LOA isn’t angry – they go shopping and buy platform shoes 
  • LOA prepares for Steven Tyler in Vegas 
  • Should Holli wear the Vegan leather fringe skirt for Steven Tyler, or will he even notice? 
  • Mandarin Oriental Miami is the best 
  • Food has an expiration date….why can’t people 
  • Timing is tricky and LOA does not like trickiness…. 
  • Should we sniff to check if the relationship is past the expiration point 
  • We exist to help one another, share the dips and help your friends evolve 
  • Are expiration dates just guidance like Grammy says? 
  • When a friend always brings you down continuously, is it over? 
  • People who show up with their plate always empty and you are always filling it up? 
  • When your friend always talks about themselves? 
  • If you cannot be yourself with your relationships – sniffing produces something less than desirable 
  • Emotional intelligence, be mindful of what you bring to a relationship 
  • Do vampires want to suck your energy and should you let them? 
  • We all need to own our personal energy and what we put out in the world 
  • Why can’t relationships have a date to make it easy to say goodbye 
  • Relationships need to continue to evolve 
  • Expiration = a feeling 
  • Friend zone – check it, sniff it out, when it doesn’t feel right anymore let it go 
  • Let’s rebrand “self-care” to “this bitch is up.” Okay not, we’ll keep trying and refining 
  • Friends leave you feeling “less than” = past the expiration point 
  • With friends that are not in alignment start by minimizing your time and the relationship will shift 
  • Family past the expiration point.  Loyalty and history makes us lie to ourselves and blocks us from making some needed changes.   
  • Neil Diamond cover band, unicorn and Wild Fin, Holli was everywhere and left some gray matter back in January 
  • January was a yes month – Holli said yes to everything but holli did not advertise her “yesness”  
  • We are all teachers for one another, we owe honest conversation 
  • There is a state of readiness for making any changes to the expiration point 
  • Minimize the time or create boundaries around the experience 
  • Eckhart Tolle –  A New Earth – The Pain Body described 
  • Once we understand the pain body, you can see it a mile away and decide how to deal with it 
  • Which avatars from Jumanji episode do you want to have on the journey with you? 
  • Don’t be tapping people’s chests at work, it’s a human resource violation 
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses of your avatar group 
  • Critical to have people that support, judgement free, and live by the badassery principles  
  • Sniffing, visualizing, feeling is our smack down great advice! 

Resources: Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth 

Uplevel Uncorked Assignment – Spend 30 minutes evaluating where you spend your time in those relationships and how you feel.  Should you sniff or not?  Are you getting and giving what you or they need. 

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