Episode 19 – Janet Jackson Throwback – Control or Nasty?

Join Holli and Jeanna as they cover: 

  • They are so hungry and want to go to a restaurant but it’s still COVID 
  • The pandemic is a gift 
  • No time in history to pause and reflect so long 
  • What has H&J uncovered about themselves during the pandemic and it has everything to do with the struggle 
  • Janet Jackson’s breast from the JT exposure gave the five second delay….control..really? 
  • Janet Jackson’s album may have been entitled Control but H&J think it’s about The Pleasure Principal and Nasty 
  • With the pandemic – months of life interrupted sudden change that forces quiet and introspection.  We want to control something 
  • Jeanna feels her extroverted self has been squashed – no going out socializing which provides escape and fun.  She has reverted to control and being hyper focused during the pandemic since there is no outlet 
  • We are all changing during the pandemic 
  • It’s a coping and not necessarily healthy but Jeanna says details and discipline makes her more calm.  Who knew? 
  • Holli’s coping isn’t about running to the candy jar but is eating something healthy in the kitchen. Too much healthy food still is too much 
  • Holli has examined why she does what she does during the pandemic.  She tracked the overeating to her childhood.  When she was uncomfortable, she overate as a child 
  • Answer to the coping is to sit in the unrest and not micromanage and over-control or eat excessively 
  • Holli cooks asparagus in an air fryer 
  • Holli reflects on the patterns from childhood that are still impacting her today 
  • Two marriages and dating with emotionally unavailable men traced back to parents being emotionally unavailable 
  • Full moon in Scorpio this week – tough week for everyone.  Holli felt the feelings and started breathing through it.  Awareness and enough time that you have to be honest. 
  • Tracy Anderson Method – Holli started the sculpting – new healthy habits 
  • Jeanna has been meditating and breath work 
  • Jeanna talks about taking breaks during the day which helps her be more efficient 
  • Acknowledge old patterns and sit in the discomfort 
  • Overeating is a checking out process 
  • Holli would overeat and then compulsive dieting or exercising – it’s an addiction 
  • Once we acknowledge the things we do that aren’t serving us, it sets us free for other choices 
  • In the Chinese language chaos and opportunity are the same word.  It either means one or the other depending on how you use the word 

Uplevel Uncorked Assignment: No checking out!  Look at how you are coping and is it unhealthy for you.  Challenge your coping and look for the blessings. 

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