Episode 57 – Rockstar Shit with Kelly Whinnem

This episode is so very special for Holli and Jeanna.  The LOA gals are excited to share this fantastic conversation with our LOA Uncorked original partner-in-crime, Kelly Whinnem.  Kelly is our podcast editor extraordinaire and it has become clear to the LOA gals that she is incredibly quick witted, her life story is rich, and we knew you all would enjoy her as much as we do!  As you will hear, it was our first time ever meeting Kelly and it was like we were childhood friends back together again. 

About Kelly: Do you listen to podcasts about leadership? How about personal development and growth? Or maybe shows about abundance, law of attraction, or stepping into your intuition? What about entertainment law, financial freedom, or true crime? 

If you said yes to any of those, chances are, you’ve listened to a podcast produced by Kelly Whinnem. Since 2016, Kelly has helped dozens of women launch and run their podcasts — and share their authentic, unapologetic voices with the world. 

When she’s not editing podcasts, you can find Kelly marathon training, mushroom foraging, and rescuing stray cats in the Pacific Northwest. You won’t, however, find her on social media.   

And, you will hear that Kelly took creative liberties while editing this episode…and we loved them! We feel a blooper reel might be coming soon… 

LOA Uncorked Uplevel Assignment: 

  • Remember you are creating your life – it isn’t just happening to you! Know your power and take a more active role in creating your life! 
  • Be a goldfish! 
  • Set your intentions…even if it is just for the sake of saving a plant!  

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