Episode 96 – Get Sh!t Done in The Cabin with Daniela Hofmann

Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I doing with my life?” Our delightful guest, Daniela Hofmann, asked that question to birth The Cabin into being.   The Cabin is a mindful online space for conscious changemakers to help them focus on doing the work that matters most.   Daniela integrates the masculine and feminine principles…

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Episode 94 – The Power of Eight with Spiritual Rockstar & Pioneer Lynne McTaggart

Step Aside Lois Lane…here comes stealthy Lynne McTaggart, formerly an undercover reporter busting an international baby selling ring, to one of the world’s foremost spiritual leaders on consciousness and the power of intention. Through her curiosity, enthusiasm and drive she stumbled into New Science and her first book, The Field, was written.  She started with…

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Episode 88 – Homeopathy Teaches Mindfulness with Dr Jayne Marquis 

“Healing is an inside job,”  says Dr. Jayne Marquis an experienced Naturopathic and Homeopathy Doctor, podcaster and author, the featured badass guest on LOA Uncorked.  Once Holli and Jeanna figure out how to pronounce homeopathy, they get so excited that the questions continue rolling and don’t let the guest leave.  Dr. Jayne addresses just about…

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Episode 85 – Style, Beauty & Wellness with Carine Camera


What is a girl to do when you take your friend shopping and she doesn’t like anything?? Thankfully, we’ve got Carine Camera on the podcast for all the answers.  Carine established Carrinna which is a community for women over 40 who want to celebrate aging through style, beauty and wellness.    She dishes out heaps of…

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Episode 84 – The Secret of Attainment 

This solo episode starts with a barrage of hocus pocus!  Jeanna is obsessed with cooling her innards while making Holli laugh so much that Holli incessantly wipes her nose!  Yuck!  But the LOA gals finally buckle down to introduce a magical surprise dead guest!  Charles F. Haanel, author of the Master Key System c.1910, is…

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Episode 52 – The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Prayer arrows

In this solo episode the LOA gals light a candle, set their intentions with the prayer arrow, and unleash the typical LOA nonsense.  But, before the LOA gals get to the Good, Bad, and Ugly, they warm the audience up with some good, bad, and ugly nonsense!    Nonsensical highlights/lowlights:   Zit/Tit – I think Holli is…

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