Episode 57 – Rockstar Shit with Kelly Whinnem

Kelly Whinnem

This episode is so very special for Holli and Jeanna.  The LOA gals are excited to share this fantastic conversation with our LOA Uncorked original partner-in-crime, Kelly Whinnem.  Kelly is our podcast editor extraordinaire and it has become clear to the LOA gals that she is incredibly quick witted, her life story is rich, and we…

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Brad Pitt Flying Through the Air???

How we crave the most simple things – meeting friends in a packed bar, going to a concert or baseball game that’s if we are lucky.  There are those that are battling illness, isolation, and poverty. Do you remember the TV show Bewitched?  If I was Samantha on Bewitched I’d magically give us all what…

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Bad Ass Boss (even at 5 years old)!!!

A picture is worth countless bad ass words.    Jeanna, the child at the top middle, was clearly possessing the family with a mischievous look in her eyes. (Bro Janet on the bottom – always the heavenly pool.) What was Jeanna’s destiny?  What was her heart’s desire?  What did her soul say?  We start to…

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Episode 18 – Fire, Earth, Air & Water! An Invitation to You

Fire, Earth, Air, Water

Join Holli and Jeanna as they cover:  Black Lives Matter.  Eradicate Racism and find a better world.  We do what we are called to do and encourage you to do the same.  We are committed to educating ourselves and others, donating, signing petitions.   Holli has an unspoken goal that she doesn’t speak about – I…

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Episode 16 – H&J Astrology – Your Purpose Revealed


Episode #16  H&J Astrology  – Your Purpose Revealed!  Join Holli an Jeanna as they cover:  Holli’s hidden talents revealed  Running fingers through hair..  No hair cutting side hustle during COVID  Pisces no boundaries   Holli is like Fred Meyer – full stop shop  Holli is famous for if she doesn’t like something she blocks it out …

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