Episode 97 – Get Juiced! with Rev Dr Julie Moret

Are you good at a lot but not exceptional at anything?   Did you come into the world knowing your what (purpose) but that four letter F-word, FEAR, stopped you in your tracks? Sound familiar?  Fierce and badass with a megawatt smile, Rev. Dr. Julie tells us how to find our thing! She gives us…

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Episode 96 – Get Sh!t Done in The Cabin with Daniela Hofmann

Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I doing with my life?” Our delightful guest, Daniela Hofmann, asked that question to birth The Cabin into being.   The Cabin is a mindful online space for conscious changemakers to help them focus on doing the work that matters most.   Daniela integrates the masculine and feminine principles…

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Episode 93 – Unbound and Uncorked with Nicola Humber

Our mogul guest filled Jeanna’s soul up in this Uncorked episode! Unbound? Uncorked?  We go together like peanut butter and jelly!  Holli strikes up a sisterhood with the beautiful, talented Nicola Humber by showcasing similar Human Design profiles and shared finance backgrounds.  Nicola’s purpose is to help you create your unbound life and express your…

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Episode 90 – Making Friends with Time – Joseph Bennett

There is an LOA Uncorked war cry on this defective system – lather, rinse, repeat cycle – take the suffering out and replace it with joy.  We say stop wearing our exhaustion as a badge of honor.  Our system rewards the busy.  Rest is scary. Joseph schools us on time in this epic podcast.  Champagne…

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Episode 89 – Dating Your Purpose with Jennifer Spor 

Jennifer Spor

Holli & Jeanna thought dating meant a meal but Jennifer means we often date our life purpose. Well hello, the LOA girls meet their corporate match in Jennifer Spor!   Jennifer, a source of inspiration, left her demanding, corporate career as a director of a billion dollar company to start her own business and live her…

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Episode 73 – Tim Shields – Living a Masterful Life

Tim Shields

Have you ever met someone who has artfully and intentionally leveraged their entire being to uniquely live in this world in masterful ways?  Someone who is humble?  Someone who is passionate?  Someone who is committed to doing the work and sharing the experience with others? Someone who so beautifully tells stories and shares experiences about…

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Episode 72 – Runa Magnus A Change Maker

Runa Magnus

Attention all LOAers – come one come ALL to listen to this incredible conversation with leader, coach, world change maker, Rúna!  Rúna shares her passion to bring the exceptional gender equality she experienced in Iceland to the rest of the world.    You will hear all about her ‘matrix moment’ as a Change Maker delegate participating…

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