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Uncorked is the no bullshit, all truth, fun, innovative podcast to help you empower your inner badassery.

Brace yourself, grab a glass of anything bubbly, and listen in. It’s our mission to deliver fun, laughter and elevate your happiness as you discover your own truth.

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About Holli and Jeanna

Think of us like your digital BFFs, the ones that have the best stories and advice, aren’t always well behaved but give it to you straight because they adore you, damn it!

As your new BFFs our desire is to help you unleash your inner badassery and help you UNCORK YOUR MAGIC!

We want you to walk through life unapologetically yourself - fearless & joyful.

The Uncorked lifestyle is rooted in gratitude and joy.  Our ethos is heart first, soul boundaries, manifest the life you desire, bring alchemy into your everyday life and always being conscious of how we walk on Mother Earth.

Just like any good girlfriend would, we won't leave you hanging!  Our definition of magic, you ask?!  It is simply the act of recognizing something special has just happened and you have no idea how or why.  What's alchemy, you ask?  Alchemy is a magical process of transformation or creation that takes something ordinary into something extraordinary - often sometimes in a way that cannot be explained.  If that isn't magic, what is?!

With our ethos as our foundation, we also live by the Uncorked Badassery Principles:

  1. If it's not a hell YES!  It's a hell NO! (never apologize for a no)
  2. If the shoe doesn't fit; throw it out the window.  Don't force - if it doesn't work, something better is coming!
  3. Bubble equals a bad ass party!  We've never met a bubble we didn't love...champagne, Prosecco, LaCroix...
  4. Let's stop saying sorry and apologizing - it gives away our power & undermines our authority.  Unless it's for legit reasons of course......
  5. Perfectionism is completely overrated!  Don't rob yourself of joy and no one notices but you!
  6. The only diet we endorse is the judgement free diet!
  7. Shame and guilt is just clown shit!
  8. Infuse more grace in all you do - it's magical!
  9. Silly fun is a part of the whole experience - a key part!
  10. Joy is where we are headed - see you there!  Head north.....


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