Hey all, we were interviewing Sandra Biskind for our podcast and she patched us with the Lifewave Stem cell X39 and Y age Aeon patches.

This video shows that we experienced tremendous results. It was captured in the middle of our podcast interview with the gorgeous, talented, Sandra Biskind. You can check out our full interview in the link below.

When asked to rate a life issue that provided us with angst, with a scale of 0 being neutral and 10 being we are swinging from the ceiling. We both were a resounding 10. We went from a 10 agitation to not knowing what we were upset about after the patches and a sip water. We were so befuddled, we thought that Sandra placed a beautiful, magical spell on us. We had never heard of these patches but now we wear them daily.

If you are interested in finding out more information, here is the link: