Episode 58 – The Young, Brilliant, and Restless Nicon Moeini

How talented is the Moeini family, you ask?  So incredibly so..like mother, like son!  On this episode, we had the opportunity to speak with Nicon, Holli’s son.  Nicon is a passionate, gifted (the Hanenburg’s swear he is a musical genius and we aren’t alone…) professional audio, mixing, mastering engineer, he’s a producer, independent artist, and DJ.   

So talented that we hope our listeners have enjoyed Nicon’s work as its welcomed you to each episode over the past year.  And, we couldn’t think of anyone we’d be more honored to have create a new intro/outro as we continue to evolve our podcast and brand.  All we said to Niq was’ Zeppelin, electric guitar riff, some badassery magic, and plenty of cowbell’…and he created our new tune!  Badass, right?! 

As we discuss in our episode, Nicon will kick off a series of episodes in 2022 (and beyond) with young, talented humans making their way in the world, lighting their own path, and inspiring us all along the way.  At LOA Uncorked we want to really listen, rise up with our love, support, and expertise in hopes of fully supporting their journey and helping inspire and unleash their magic!  

LOA Uncorked Uplevel Assignment: 

  • Who are the Nicon’s in your life and how can you best support and champion them? 
  • Support our next generation(s) with tools, wisdom, love and empowerment you can offer.   
  • Who can you connect your young talent with to provide them with additional opportunity, guidance, and mentorship?  

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