Episode 48 Hair, there, everywhere!!

In this solo episode, brilliantly titled by our podcast editor and queen, Kelly Whinnem, the LOA gals are focused on, you guessed it…glorious, beautiful and, sometimes, elusive H A I R! That’s right, this episode the LOA gals light the candle, set the intention, and share information about a topic near and dear to women and men alike – hair loss.   

Both Holli and Jeanna share their personal struggles with hair loss, thinning, and overall change in the health and vibrancy of their hair.  Both have struggled with the profound impact significant changes in their hair has had on their divine feminine and have found ways to improve and restore their goddess energy!    

Join us for a fun episode full of banter, personal stories and sharing (and, yep, by the end you might know too much – your welcome), and a preview of another upcoming trip to Clearwater, FL!  And, if you can believe it, the local authorities will use the hurricane warning protocol to ensure the citizens in the greater Tampa area are made aware in plenty of time to grab their most precious belongings, rations, gas up and head north before the LOA gals touchdown. Now, there is no early warning system for Chris Stapleton in hopes that the stadium is mostly empty for the concert.  Goal: private, VIP LOA concert – now that would be badassery! 

Please note the LOA gals are NOT doctors – always consult a medical expert. 

LOA Uncorked Uplevel Assignment: 

  • Manage your stress and overall health as much as possible.  Periods of our life (short and long) with severe stress and/or compromised health/wellbeing, often leads to hair loss. 
  • Be sure to have your iron checked!   
  • Check out some of the products that Holli and Jeanna share below… 
  • …and never forget that, regardless off your hair, you are a divine feminine (or masculine) brilliance and badassery! 

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