Episode 77 – Trauma to Transformation with Anouk Bindels

Hey Uncorked Fam, we are so happy to introduce you to the incredible Anouk Bindels who takes us on a journey from trauma to her riveting transformation.  She walks the talk and talks the walk.  Through faith and determination, she recovered and thrived over circumstances that seemed to be insurmountable.    What would make Holli and…

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Episode 73 – Tim Shields – Living a Masterful Life

Tim Shields

Have you ever met someone who has artfully and intentionally leveraged their entire being to uniquely live in this world in masterful ways?  Someone who is humble?  Someone who is passionate?  Someone who is committed to doing the work and sharing the experience with others? Someone who so beautifully tells stories and shares experiences about…

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Episode 72 – Runa Magnus A Change Maker

Runa Magnus

Attention all LOAers – come one come ALL to listen to this incredible conversation with leader, coach, world change maker, Rúna!  Rúna shares her passion to bring the exceptional gender equality she experienced in Iceland to the rest of the world.    You will hear all about her ‘matrix moment’ as a Change Maker delegate participating…

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